Raine Saunders talks health with a high fat diet (Weston A Price Foundation)- Part 1

Raine Saunders, nutrition writer and health coach, comes to us from a background in underground music promotion. When late nights and partying started to take a toll on her health, she switched gears and through her own health journey became an advocate for sustainable agriculture and the health of her community.  As part of her journey, Raine became a member of the Weston A. Price foundation. Price, an American dentist practicing in the early twentieth century, studied indigenous populations around the world. He found that diets rich in traditional animal fats and absent of sugars and processed foods resulted in excellent dental and overall health. Raine also promotes and follows a farm based diet which, in turn, supports our local farmers.

Listen: Raine Saunder’s Interview-Part 1

Read: Raine’s Nutrition Website: Agriculture Society

Read More About the Weston A. Price Foundation

Next week on Chew on This:

Part 2 with Raine Saunders on the diet she follows today, the Gut and Psychology Syndrom diet. By avoiding sugars and grains and eating a diet rich in animal protein and fats Raine has brought herself back to health while supporting our local farmers.  Chew on This air Sundays at 5pm on Radio Boise 89.9 FM or streaming live at www.radioboise.org


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