Raine Saunders talks health with a high fat diet (GAPS diet)- Part 2

Raine Saunders is a nutrition writer and health coach. Her blog,  AgricultureSociety.com,  brings communities to health by promoting sustainable agriculture and encouraging the local, farm-based diet. More recently, Raine has been following the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) diet with great success. She describes this sugar and grain free diet, which is rich in animal proteins and fats, and further tells how this diet could be the answer to healing many common societal ailments such as anxiety, ADHD and even autism.

Listen: Raine Saunder’s Interview-Part 2

Read:  Raine’s Nutrition Website: Agriculture Society

Read more about the GAPS diet

Next week on Chew on This:

Jenny Easley and Leslie Ann Stoddard of GMO Free Idaho are educating the public about the health and environmental concerns caused by the consumption of Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s.  Chew on This air Sundays at 5pm on Radio Boise 89.9 FM or streaming live at www.radioboise.org


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