GMO Free Idaho- Are you a lab rat for the FDA?

Jenny Easley and Leslie Ann Stoddard of GMO Free Idaho speak to us about the Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs which are prevalent in our food system today. GMO Free Idaho is dedicated to educating consumers about the health and environmental impacts of GMO’s. They promote local, organic, and non-GMO food producers and diligently work on eliminating GMOs from our food supply.

Listen:  GMO Free Idaho Interview

Read:   GMO Free Idaho Website

Next week on Chew on This:

Next week is RadioThon, if you enjoy local community radio and programming like Chew on This then call in (258-2072) during the show to donate and keep Radio Boise and Chew on This going strong.

PARTY INVITE: Come on down to the studio during RadioThon on April 29th from 4-6:30pm for “Local Dish” a locavore potluck and food competition.  My guest will be Ben Thorpe, chef and owner of the Cornerstone Bistro in Middleton, Idaho. Ben believes in serving up a superior, locally-sourced product and goes to extremes to provide his dinner guests with the healthiest  food possible. The chef and I will be “dishing” about food and taste testing your local food creations.  The winner will be announced on air and awarded with dinner compliments of the Cornerstone Bistro.


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