A special Mother’s Day show on Childbirth

Childbirth. This week on Chew on This Paula Wiens (center), certified nurse midwife with Treasure Valley Midwives, speaks on Midwifery in Idaho.  Paula describes the benefits of using a licensed midwife in both home and birthing center births.

Kyndal May (right),  a childbirth educator, doula trainer and certified doula,  speaks on the supportive role that doula’s play throughout the birth process.

Gretchen Vetter (left) is certified to encapsulate placenta. Gretchen’s postpartum mothers see huge results in combating fatigue and the baby blues by eating their placenta in encapsulated form, as a vitamin, after birth.

Listen: Interview on Childbirth

Read:   Treasure Valley Midwives website

              More on Kyndal May- Confident Childbirth Class, Becoming a Doula and Kyndal’s doula service

              DONA certified Doula website

              More on Placenta Encapsulation


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