Beekeeping: What’s the buzz in Boise?

The Beekeepers: Steve Sweet and Kevin Duesman are hobbiest beekeepers.  Steve has 34 years and three states worth of experience as a beekeeper. He was the founding officer of the Treasure Valley Beekeeper’s Club in 2008 and held the position of President (also known as Chief Drone) in 2009 and 10. His honey and beeswax has earned him 48 blue ribbons at the Western Idaho State Fair among other special awards. He is currently the chief apiarist for the Sweet Honey Company and acts as mentor with the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club.  Kevin has been beekeeping for 15 years and also acts as a mentor for the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club. His love of beekeeping is evident in the grin he tells his stories through.  Rescuing citizens from rogue bee swarms is one of his favorite parts of the job. To hear more about the basics of beekeeping and the threats to colony health, including Colony Collapse Disorder listen here:

Listen:  Interview with Steve Sweet and Kevin Duesman

Read: Treasure Valley Beekeeper’s Club

            USDA on Collony Collapse Disorder

            Rules for Successful Beekeeping

            TVBC Queen Cell Program with WSU


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