Healing Stories- Leslie Stoddard and Victoria Everett

Today on Healing Stories Leslie Stoddard, age 24 and Victoria Everett, age 39 share how they went from illness to health by listening to the nutritional needs of their own bodies.  This isn’t a one size fits all diet plan. To hear how food changed these women’s lives and about the work they are doing to pay it forward, listen below.

Know someone who has healed by changing the way they eat?   We would love to feature your ‘healing story’, please email us at facebook.com/ChewonthisIdaho

Leslie Stoddard is the co-founder of GMO Free Idaho and a self-proclaimed “foodie.” She is working to pass GMO labeling laws in Idaho through her grass-roots organization and is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of sustainable, non-toxic, whole foods. Leslie is healing her ulcerative colitis by trusting her body intuition and eliminating the foods that have been prohibiting her body from healing.

Victoria Everett once weighed 250 lbs and was so weak she could hardly get out of bed. Now Victoria is so healthy that she rides her bike as a primary source of transportation, toting fruit trees in her bike trailer and planting them throughout the city like a modern day Johnny Appleseed.

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Victoria Everett-Crazy Banana Lady


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