Meet your Farmer: Everybody’s Sweetheart Farmer-Lee Rice

Lee Rice of Rice Family Farms, a certified organic operation specializing in over 200 varieties of vegetables.  After a lifetime of part-time involvement with his parent’s “Gilbert & Gladys’ Garden Vegetables” and nearly 30 years at the City of Boise, Lee Rice retired…then promptly went to work.  His decision to “retire” and take up farming full-time came just in time for his father, Gilbert Rice, to pass down his last kernels of green thumb knowledge.  Sitting in a lawn chair and smiling at all his customers, Gilbert, who passed away in May of 2012, was a much loved presence at the farmer’s markets for several decades.  “That’s the part I miss the most about not having him around….is when I get in the truck to go to market” – it’s evident that Lee learned all he knows about farming alongside his father.  The legacy of Gilbert and Gladys’ Garden Vegetables lives on through their son Lee; whose stewardship for the past several years has been steadily growing the business (with sales to local restaurants, specialty & grocery stores and directly to consumers at farmer’s markets) into a successful, certified organic vegetable enterprise.

Listen:  Interview with Lee Rice

Read:  Rice Family Farms Website

Where to find them:

See us in season on Saturdays at the Boise Farmers Market. Also, look for our Certified Organic Produce at the following locations:


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