Part 2-Mom’s Panel- My child has food allergies

Mom’s Panel-Kids with Food Allergies-the first of a two part series on children with food allergies. Joining me in the studio, the mothers of children with food sensitivites. Dr. Ashley Davis, MD has two daughters with Celiac Disease.  Ashley was with us on last week’s show discussing Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease.  Joe’l Phillips, mother of 6 year old Margaret who not only is gluten intolerant but has severe emotional/ behavior reactions to sugars and food additives. Beth Markley, who before diagnosing her constantly lethargic son, Jack with wheat sensitivity thought he was just a type B in a type A family.  Making dietary changes in any ho usehold can be a challenge. When it comes to the foods we are talking about which include wheat, dairy and sugar it can be an absolute nightmare. The children of these mothers are now as healthy as they have ever been. Food allergies are difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are different for every child. Some suffer constipation whereas others have loose stool, some are withdrawn where others have tantrums. Body pains, stomach or gut aches, behavioral challenges, headaches, eczema and rashes, lethargy and insomnia, susceptibility to other allergens to name only a few.

Listen:  Part 2: Interview with Food Allergy Moms



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