Fall RadioThon Success!

On the October 28th show, Daniel and I celebrated the 1 year anniversary of when we first met-RadioBoise’s last Fall Radiothon in 2011 (volunteering pays).  Celebrating our recent wedding and announcing our tiny radio-baby bun in the oven (due in April) we hammed it up for the listening audiences, requesting your support.

Outside the studio window was a lively gathering of locavores, the food was scrumptious!  Thank you to my past and future guests;  the farmers, ranchers and holistic health care practitioners who generously donated their goods and services so that Chew on This had lots of lovely items to auction during the frenzied 30 minutes of pledge drive.  Thank you to the supporters who donated to bring our grand total of pledges to $810.00!

Fall RadioThon was a great success.  The station (now clear as a bell on 93.5 FM as well as 89.9 FM) exceeded our goal and earned $47,000, all told.  Thank you Treasure Valley and beyond for keeping this important resource for uncanned music and public affairs on the air!

See you next spring when our special Spring RadioThon guest will be our newborn radio-baby!



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