Edible Idaho South

Edible Idaho South is a new publication celebrating the abundance of local food, season by season. Edible Idaho South magazine and website launch in December of 2012. The magazine is a beautiful insight into our local Southern Idaho food shed, connecting us to the people who produce this diverse abundance. Edible Idaho South will offer content on everything from farming and ranching, hunting and angling, beer and wine-making and all culinary pursuits in between.  And, knowing Guy Hand, there will also be some delicious photography that may tempt you to lick the page.

Claudia Sanchez Mahedy is the Editor and Publisher of Edible Idaho South. She has an extensive background in the culinary arts and as a freelance food writer, she and her family have recently relocated to Ketchum, Idaho from New York.

Guy Hand is a fixture in the local food movement, producing the award winning public radio show “Edible Idaho” for six years and writing on food and agriculture for various publications.  Guy Hand is the managing editor of Edible Idaho South.

Edible Idaho South  is seeking writers, photographers and advertisers.    Contact:  info@edibleidahosouth.com

Listen:  Interview with Edible Idaho South

Read:  Edible Idaho South magazine- COMING SOON IN DECEMBER 2012

Edible Idaho Podcasts


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