The Cancer Connection Idaho

photoDr. Sharon Katz, Acting Executive Director and Debra Mulnick, Program Director of The Cancer Connection Idaho. The Cancer Connection Idaho is a cancer support organization that focuses on the whole family, including caregivers and friends of the patient. The emphasis is on connection to education, resources and support.  The Cancer Connection Idaho works alongside traditional cancer treatment, working with local hospitals and other cancer support organizations. The Cancer Connection Idaho will be a welcome addition to the community supported infrustructure of Boise, offering services and education free of charge to persons recently diagnosed and living with cancer and those who support them.

Listen:  Interview The Cancer Connection Idaho

Read:  The Cancer Connection Idaho Website

American Institute for Cancer Research – Research on  diet and prevention, and educational services.
Eat to Defeat  A growing movement to improve global health through cancer-fighting foods.
MD Anderson Cancer Center – Nutrition Research-based recommendations for reducing cancer, heart disease and diabetes risk.

On January 16th, The Cancer Connection Idaho will be hosting Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, Professor and Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at The University of  Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The talk: Living the Anti-Cancer Life: Strategies for a Better Life and Reducing Cancer Risk begins at 6:30pm at the Rose Room, 718 W Idaho Street Boise and is free to the public. Click here to register

Watch: Video of Dr. Lorenzo Cohen, PhD: Integrative Oncology and the Power of Lifestyle Change


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