Anne Woodhouse- Cancer Nutrition

anne_woodhouseFREE EVENT TONIGHT

The Cancer Connection Idaho presents:

Living the Anti-Cancer Life. The Rose Room 718 W Idaho St. 6:30-8pm  Click Here for more information

Anne Woodhouse is a certified holistic nutritionist and Amma Bodywork Therapist, practicing at Boise Natural Health. Anne offers individual nutritional counseling and whole foods cooking classes. She also offers Amma Bodywork Therapy. Amma therapy is based in traditional Chinese medicine and utilizes therapeutic massage and acupressure to balances the energy in the body. Anne is one of the practitioners involved in The Cancer Connection Idaho, providing people diagnosed with cancer, and their caregivers, nutritional education.

Listen:  Interview with Anne Woodhouse

Interview with The Cancer Connection Idaho

Read:  Find Anne at Boise Natural Health

The Cancer Connection Idaho Website

American Institute for Cancer Research – Research on  diet and prevention, and educational services.
Eat to Defeat  A growing movement to improve global health through cancer-fighting foods.
MD Anderson Cancer Center – Nutrition Research-based recommendations for reducing cancer, heart disease and diabetes risk.

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