Part 2- Elyseya Louderbough- Intuitive Readings of Radio Boise’s own Kevin Moran and Daniel Felkins

ElyseyaLouderbough_picElyseya Louderbough shares her gift as a medical intuitive and healer. Her emphasis is on healing the mind-body-spirit trilogy.

After returning to Boise to support her family through her father’s journey with pancreatic cancer, Elyseya’s path took an unexpected turn toward a more traditional medical model.

Naturally intuitive and attuned, her skills developed with many years of assisting first a chiropractor and then an osteopath, both doctors mentoring her to connect medical terminology to the patterns she was seeing in the body. Elyseya, now has her own practice at 1003 N. Orchard Street in Boise.

On the second part of our 2 part show with Elyseya, she performs intuitive health and life readings of two of Radio Boise’s own: Kevin Moran, music director and Daniel Felkins, producer of Chew on This! and host of Daybreak Syndicate (Monday’s from 6-8am).

Listen:   Intuitive Readings with Elyseya Louderbough


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